Terms and conditions

1. An obligatory condition for the provision of Florar.md Services is the acceptance, compliance and application of the requirements and provisions defined by Florar.md to the relations of the parties.

2. The services are rendered only in relation to the Order.

3. Flowers – seasonal produce, and not always any flower is available in the store. Florar.md can not guarantee the constant presence of certain colors in the store, especially if the Order of the Service is urgent. The final execution of the Service may differ from the illustration on the Florar.md website on the Internet. Nevertheless, every flower work is made up of fresh flowers just for your order and Florar.md makes every effort to ensure that the color, the shape of the flower work, as fully as possible correspond to the illustration on the Florar.md website.

4. When ordering services with delivery to hotels, campsites, etc. The buyer must specify the apartment number and the name under which the Recipient is registered at the hotel (or several guests, for example: a group, a gentleman and a mistress, etc.). The order can be delivered only to the reception desk of the hotel (reception desk). When ordering at the hotel, delivery of the Order at the hotel reception desk on the indicated date is delivery of the Order, tk. Many hotels do not allow delivery services further than retsepshn, the further movement of the Order to the Recipient depends on the hotel and the availability of the Recipient at the specified hotel. We are not responsible for the delay in the delivery of the order or the inability to deliver it due to incorrect, erroneous or incomplete hotel address, as well as for earlier departure of the Recipient from the hotel, replacement of the room at the specified hotel and other factors. The order is deemed to be delivered at the time of receipt at the indicated date at the hotel reception desk, indicating the full name and the recipient’s room number indicated by the Buyer.

5. The accuracy of delivery depends on all the data you provide about the recipient of the gift. Therefore, we ask you to carefully fill in these boxes, and if necessary, specify the specific delivery data in the comments to the order (the door lock code in the entrance, in which department works, if at a large enterprise).

6. Each Buyer shall specify the exact address of the Recipient. If an erroneous address is indicated or incomplete data is indicated for the delivery, the absence of the Recipient at the specified address during the delivery date, etc., Florar.md makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the Recipient still receives flowers, but Florar.md can not “Catch” the Recipient, in his absence at the specified address. The basic information for the execution of the Service is the address of the Recipient. Delivery is considered to be done when delivering flowers to the specified address. If the Recipient has moved, does not live, does not work, on vacation, on a business trip, etc. – The service is rendered.

7. If the Recipient refuses to accept flowers for any reason, the Service is deemed rendered.

8. If the Recipient, for any reason, is not satisfied with the execution of the order or the quality of the delivered bouquet: please, contact no later than 24 hours after delivery, at the contact phone number indicated on the website. Flowers are perishable goods and we can not offer you a replacement or refund if you do not notify us in time about this problem. In case of failure to fulfill a timely issued and paid order through the fault of the Florar.md service, a full refund is guaranteed.

9. The buyer undertakes to independently and reliably fill in all the required fields of the Order Form of the Service.

10. The buyer undertakes to comply with all applicable norms and requirements of the current legislation when preparing, creating, changing data for the provision of the Service.

11. The buyer undertakes to pay for the Florar.md Services in accordance with these conditions.

12. Payment for the services is made by the Buyer in advance payment in the amount of 100% (One hundred percent) of the cost of the selected Services, by any of the methods chosen in the Payment section on the site.

13. Florar.md under no circumstances bears any responsibility for: a) any actions / omissions that are a direct or indirect result of acts / omissions of any third parties; B) any indirect losses and / or lost profits of the Buyer and / or third parties, regardless of whether the Shop could foresee the possibility of such damages or not; C) the use (inability to use) and any consequences of the use (impossibility of using) by the Buyer of the form of payment for the Service chosen by him

14. The collective responsibility of Florar.md for any claim or claim for services or their performance is limited to the amount of payment paid to the store by the buyer.

15. Without interfering with the above, Florar.md shall be released from liability for violation of the conditions for the performance of services if such violation is caused by force majeure circumstances, including: actions of public authorities, fire, flood, earthquake, others Spontaneous actions, lack of electricity and / or computer network malfunctions, strikes, civil unrest, unrest, any other circumstances, not limited to those listed, which may affect the store’s performance r and uncontrollable store.

16. The buyer bears full responsibility for: a) compliance with all requirements of the legislation, other actions carried out by him as the Buyer; B) the reliability of the information specified by them when registering as a user of the service, and the reliability of the warranties and assurances of the buyer.

17. In the event of violation by the Buyer of these conditions, Florar.md has the right to suspend the provision of the Service until the Buyer has eliminated the violations and compensated (compensated) Florar.md caused such violation of the losses in full and / or terminated the Service Agreement with the notification to the Buyer Buyer’s email address specified when ordering.